Sponsor Responsibilities


The United States Government normally provides the transportation to your area at no cost to the sponsor. On those occasions where ground or air support cannot be provided by the government, the sponsor will be required to finance the transportation of our Marines to your event. Expenses may include vehicle lease, toll charges, meals, and lodging. As transportation dates do not always coincide with event dates, there may be a need to arrive early or depart late. 

When the band travels by air, local ground transportation is the responsibility of the sponsor. The band will require transport between the arrival and departure points, performance sites, lodging location, and dining establishments. Minimum requirements for ground transportation* for the Concert Band and Ceremonial Band are: 

• One 55-passenger air conditioned coach 

• One 15-passenger air conditioned van 

• One 24-28 foot enclosed, lockable U-Haul type truck with lift ramp 

*It is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide drivers for the above-listed vehicles 

On those occasions where band equipment cannot be loaded onto the aircraft due to weight or size restrictions, the band may require transport of the equipment to the performance site by truck or airfreight. The sponsor will incur all expenses relating to transport of this equipment, to include freight costs, truck rental, fuel, hotels, meals, and tolls. 


The sponsor provides for all meals during the time the band is away from its home station, including meals missed while traveling to and from your area. The sponsor may either provide the meals at a predetermined location or make arrangements ahead of time to pay the federal per diem rate to each member of the band. 

• Meals will consist of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

• If the sponsor chooses to provide meals in a restaurant, we prefer buffet style dining to ordering from a menu; we have found this to be a cost-and timesaving method of feeding our Marines. 

• Meal times must remain flexible due to the band’s transportation, rehearsal, and performance schedule. 

• Meals must be arranged and paid for in advance of the band’s arrival. 


Billeting must be arranged and paid for prior to the band’s arrival in your area. 

• The band normally requires 10 single rooms and 20 double rooms (fewer rooms may be necessary depending upon the size of the performing ensemble). 

• Current policy prohibits the band from accepting housing in private homes or in mass billeting areas, such as gymnasiums or squad bays. 

• Dormitory rooms are acceptable, provided they are comparable to standard hotel rooms. 

• The “Suggested Contacts” page in this booklet discusses ideas on involved community support to defray the cost of sponsoring a Marine Band. 


Marine Band performances are presented as a public service to the community and must be free of charge and open to the general public. We recommend printing free admission tickets for indoor performances that require crowd control, with a 25% overprint of the capacity of the concert site. Concert tickets should not be numbered. A request-by-mail system is the most effective method of ticket distribution. This helps to ensure a full house, as individuals who take the time to complete a written request for tickets are most likely to attend the performance. Limiting distribution of tickets may be necessary. Each publicity flyer and newspaper ad should include the mailing address for obtaining tickets. Flyers and tickets will include a statement that patrons must be seated fifteen minutes prior to the performance. At that time, non-ticketed patrons will be seated. No patrons who show up on time with a valid ticket will be turned away. 


Media promotion will help to maximize the event and encourage audience attendance. The promotion materials contained in the band’s Press Package include band biographies, ensemble descriptions, photographs, and press release information suitable for radio and television public service announcements (PSAs). When a member of the band is identified as a resident from your area, the band’s Public Affairs Office will provide the Marine’s photograph and biography for publication. The following outline is recommended to help the sponsor promote a successful campaign. Sponsors are welcome to use all information provided for publicity purposes. 

• 2 weeks prior to concert- Full-page ad containing band biography and picture, date, time, and location of performances, free admission information, and ticket request information. 

• 1 week prior to concert- PSA, entertainment ad, flyers posted within community, provide coupon for ticket requests. 

• 4 days prior to concert- PSA, newspaper story and photo of local area Marine who is a member of the band, provide coupon for ticket requests (mention location of ticket pick-up). 

• 3-2 days prior to concert- PSA 

• 1 day prior to concert- PSA, newspaper story and photo of the band and/or key members. 

Performance Sites 

Performance sites provided by the sponsor will include: 

• Auditorium or outdoor band shell for concert band or show band. 

• Electrical outlets for sound equipment and electronic instruments (three 30-amp circuits or five 20-amp circuits). 

• Armless chairs for approximately 50 musicians (if folding chairs are used, we require metal, not plastic) 

• Stage area that is at least 40 feet wide and 32 feet deep. 

• Water provided backstage for the musicians. 

• Changing areas that can be locked, with chairs, tables, clothes racks or hooks for clothing bags and uniforms (a large room for 40 male Marines, and a small one for 10 female Marines). 

• Private room for the Band Officer. 

• Stage lighting and public address system large enough to reach members of the audience furthest from the stage. 

• On-site technician to operate the house lighting and sound system. 

*Expenses related to the performance site are also the sponsor’s responsibility. In order to maintain the continuity of the musical performance, no presentations or speeches should be made during the concert. From beginning to end, the program is designed to provide a unified musical experience. 

Suggested Contacts 

Past performances have provided the band with information that will help boost community support of your event. We recommend consideration of the following individuals and organizations:

Local Marine Corps Recruiter
Recruiters are well connected with former service members who may offer assistance. Check your local listings or call 1-800-MARINES.

Marine Corps Musician Technical Assistant (MTA)
MTAs are the placement directors and the auditioning authority for new musicians entering the Marine Corps. They are all members of Marine Bands who are on loan to the recruiting service, and are well versed in the logistics necessary to support a Marine Band performance in your area. They work closely with local middle school, high school, and college music programs and are a good source of information concerning performance sites and different groups who may wish to attend those performances. Local recruiters will have information on contacting the MTA in your region or go to http://www.ala.usmc.mil/band/links/nmta.asp.

VFW, American Legion, Marine Corps League, Eagles, Elks
Organizations such as these have historically been extremely supportive to the sponsor in providing advertisement, meals, social gatherings, and transportation for our Marines.

High School and College Band Directors
Music Educators can promote awareness and attendance of performances and encourage civic participation in your event.

Music Stores
Local vendors are often enthusiastic about promotion of the fine arts. A coordinated effort between the sponsor and businesses is not only beneficial for them, but is a particularly valuable promotion tool for your event due to their many contacts with community leaders, educators, professional musicians, and students.

Hotels and Restaurants
Many businesses will cooperate by offering discounts to a sponsor dedicated to bringing a Marine Band to their community. Donation of meals, hotel rooms, and transportation can significantly reduce the sponsor’s financial burden. 

Public Service Announcements

15 Second Spot (Air Time)

The Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band, from San Diego, California, will be in (City/Town) on (Day, Date) at (Location). This patriotic program, sponsored by (Sponsor), is free and open to the public and will begin at (Time).

30 Second Spot (Air Time)

From San Diego, California, the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band will present a memorable (Afternoon/Evening) of musical entertainment in (City/Town) on (Date). The 50 member ensemble promises an exciting, versatile concert that the entire family will enjoy. Their program will include selections from the band's varied repertoire, such as familiar marches, traditional classics, and patriotic favorites. This concert is free and open to the public. The performance will take place at (Location) on (Day, Date) and is set to begin at (Time). For more information, please contact (Sponsor) at (Sponsor Phone Number).

60 Second Spot (Air Time)

The Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California will present a memorable (Afternoon/Evening) of musical entertainment in (City/Town) on (Date). Consisting of approximately 50 Marine musicians, the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band is a highly trained and versatile musical organization. The band is capable of performing in many different settings ranging from its primary mission as a ceremonial unit to other ensembles such as Concert Band, Jazz Combo, Brass Band, or Brass Quintet. The band performs over 400 times each year, carrying on a long-standing tradition of excellence for the Wing, Corps and Country. The band promises an exciting program that everyone will enjoy. Selections will include familiar marches, traditional classics, and patriotic favorites. This concert, sponsored by (Sponsor), is free and open to the public. The performance will take place at (Location) on (Day, Date) and is set to begin at (Time). For more information, please contact (Sponsor) at (Sponsor Phone Number).


(To be read as the band passes the reviewing stand)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California.  The band is under the direction of  Chief Warrant Officer 2 Mark Pellon.  The Drum Major is Sergeant Anderson. 


It is our intention to provide you, the sponsor, with the most information possible. The contents of this package are designed to facilitate the highest level of support from our end. Compliance will ensure a fluid evolution. We look forward to working with you in the future. 


CWO2 Mark A. Pellon

Band Officer, Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band 

Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band Contact Information

Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band

Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron Three

PO BOX 452050

San Diego, CA 92145-2050

Phone: (858) 577-8301      Fax: (858) 577-8297